“pH Pharma's vision is focused on developing
innovative healthcare products
for ​unmet clinical and patient needs”

Dr. Hoyoung Huh ​Founder of pH Pharma September 28, 2015



“pH Pharma's vision is focused on developing innovative healthcare products for ​unmet clinical and patient needs

Dr. Hoyoung Huh​ Founder of pH Pharma September 28, 2015

pH Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company with expertise in developing innovative products in multiple therapeutic areas.
With presence in Seoul and Silicon Valley, we create an innovative healthcare platform by bridging unique talents and assets across different cultures and backgrounds.
Each day, we bring to work our passion to develop sustainable drug treatments and contribute to improving human health and quality of life around the globe.



Our corporate strategy is based on pH Pharma’s “3P’s” principle

Identify and penetrate growing markets with innovative treatments
Develop Best-In-Class / First-In-Class novel therapeutic agents
Capitalize on global network and biotech hub
Build optimum platform to effectively capture new opportunities
Assemble a global team to effectively utilize know-how and frontier technologies
Develop future global leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry


  • PHP-201 (Glaucoma)
  • PHP-303 (NASH, Genetic Diseases)
  • Torpedo (Oncology)
  • Corporate
  • Diabetes
  • 2020

    • ‘20.06PHP-201 Phase III study IND submitted (KR)
    • ‘20.01PHP-303 (AATD) Phase II study IND approved (GB, IE)
  • 2019

    • ‘19.12ADC co-development and out-license agreement with Venn DC signed
    • ‘19.10ADC co-development agreement with Immunome signed
    • ‘19.07PHP-303 Phase Ib MAD study completed in (US)
    • ‘19.07PHP-303 Alpha-1 Foundation grant approved
    • ‘19.06Out-license agreement with Aju Pharm signed
    • ‘19.05ASIA Research Center (ARC) opened in Pangyo Techno Valley (KR)
    • ‘19.03PHP-201 Phase IIb results presented at ASIA-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO)
    • ‘19.01PHP-303 Phase Ib (MAD) initiated (US)
  • 2018

    • ‘18.12PHP-303 Phase Ib (SAD) initiated (US)
    • ‘18.12PHP-201 Phase IIb clinical study report (CSR) completed
    • ‘18.08PHP-303 Phase Ib initiated (US)
    • ‘18.06PHP-201 Phase IIb study complete (KR)
    • ‘18.04Global Research Center opened in Silicon Valley (US)
    • ‘18.03Investment & co-research agreement with Pliant Therapeutics signed
  • 2017

    • ‘17.11Toxins in-licensed from Purdue University
    • ‘17.02PHP-201 Phase IIb study initiated (KR)
    • ‘17.02PHP-303 (formerly “BAY85-8501”) acquired from Bayer
  • 2016

    • ‘16.10PHP-201 Phase IIb study IND approved (KR)
    • ‘16.03AB101 in-licensed from from Rezolute (formerluy “AntriaBio”)
    • ‘16.02US subsidiary established in the Silicon Valley (pH Pharma Inc.)
    • ‘16.02PHP-201 (formerly “AMA0076”) in-licensed from Amakem Therapeutics
  • 2015

    • ‘15.09pH Pharma Co., Ltd. established