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Hoyoung Huh
M.D., Ph.D.

Founder and CEO


CytomX Therapeutics, Chairman
Geron Corporation, Chairman
BiPar Sciences, CEO
Epizyme, Chairman
McKinsey & Company, Partner
Cornell University, M.D., Ph.D.

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Sanjeev Satyal

Vice President
Research & Development


StemGuard, Vice President
StemPar, Director
OncoMed, Director
Genentech, Senior Researcher
Northwestern University, Ph.D.

Jaesoon Kim

Vice President
Business Development


Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Executive Director
Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Director
Mirae Asset Securities, Senior Equity Analyst
LG Life Sciences, Researcher
Seoul National University, BS & MS in Pharmacy

Sang Hoon Paik

Managing Director
Head of Asia Research Center


GC Green Cross LabCell, Head of Process Unit
GC Pharma Green Cross Corp., Principal Scientist
Korea University, Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Taekyu Park

Managing Director


Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Planning & Management Director
Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers, Director
Seoul National University, BS

Scott Savage

Director, CMC

  • Genentech, Principle Researcher
  • Genentech, Senior Research Associate
  • University of California Irvine, Master
  • California Polytechnic State University, BS

Previn Brito

Director, Finance

  • Logitech, Senior Manager
  • Alere, Senior Manager
  • Johnson&Johnson, Manager
  • University of South Carolina, MBA

Gail Stevens

Director,Project Manager

  • Genentech, Senior Project Manager
  • IEE, Development Director
  • University of California Santa Barbara, BS



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pH Pharma Co. LTD.

B-804, U-Space 2, 670 Daewangpangyo-ro,
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 13494

(+82) 31-779-5330

Hoyoung Huh, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Dr. Huh is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and investor driven by innovative science, creative collaborations and impact investing. Hoyoung is a global leader in healthcare and technology-based businesses, having been involved in formation/growth of over 20 innovative companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  He has been responsible for value creation in many diverse healthcare concerns totaling billions of dollars.  


Hoyoung is the Founder of pH Pharma and serves as Chairman/CEO, headquarters in Seoul, Korea and research facilities in Pangyo, Korea and South San Francisco, CA.     He is also co-founder of several successful healthcare companies, including BridgeBio. Previously, Hoyoung served as the chairman of the board of directors of both BiPar Sciences Inc. and Geron Corp. (NASDAQ: GERN). He also served on the board of directors of BayBio, Jennerex Inc. and SciDose LLC. Dr. Huh was BiPar’s President and CEO, when he led the merger of BiPar with the French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi-Aventis (EURONEXT:SAN and NYSE:SNY) in 2009 for $500M. Hoyoung was also the Chairman of the Board at CytomX Therapeutics, with several large deals with BMS ($1.2B), Pfizer ($635M) and most recently Tokyo based Astellas ($1.6B)  (NASDAQ:CTMX), and Board Director of AntriaBio (OTC:ANTB) and Shared-X in Peru.. A former partner at McKinsey & Company. Prior to that, he served as the chairman of Epizyme, Inc., (NASDAQ:EPZM), chief operating officer and board member of Nektar Therapeutics and board member of Facet Biotech, which was acquired by Abbott Laboratories for $722 million in 2010. (NASDAQ:FACT), Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NKTR), Addex Therapeutics (SWISS:ADDX) and EOS, S.p.A (Milano, Italy). Earlier in his career, Dr. Huh was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was a leader in the healthcare and technology sectors based in Silicon Valley and Asia.

Hoyoung is a frequent speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship and governance, including presentations at the World Economic Forum, Stanford Business School and Cleveland Clinic. His not-for-profit focus include global health and music, formerly serving as board member for SF Jazz, Resurge International and Berklee School of Music.


Hoyoung holds M.D. from Cornell University, Ph.D. in Genetics/Cell Biology from the Cornell University/Sloan-Kettering Institute, and A.B. from Dartmouth College, and Certification in Board Governance from Stanford Law School.  He currently serves on the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine Board of Advisors.


Hoyoung is an avid sports fan and loves the local professional sports teams in San Francisco Bay area and Florida.   With the recent stoppage of US Professional baseball, he has adopted the Korean baseball league as his go to past time. Musically inclined, he has been known to play in local bands; classic rock is his go-to music when taking time to enjoy those rare moments of down time.

Sanjeev Satyal, Ph.D.
Vice President - Research & Development

Dr. Satyal, a founding member of pH Pharma in 2015 serves as the head of R&D at pH Pharma, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Leading a team of over 25 full-time staff and a large group of consultants working on PH-303 Liver/NASH and two Rare Disease indications.  Importantly, the Research and Development team are responsible for the discovery and development of novel ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates) with improved targeting and safety profiles to battle Cancer.    With over 45 patents and numerous publications to his name during his career, Sanjeev has been a valuable contributor to pH Pharma early and quick successes as a biotech start-up.   Sanjeev’s broad experience in Cancer Biology and Oncology drug research and development has been critical to pH Pharma.   Previous to pH Pharma, Sanjeev was Vice President of Research and Development at StemGuard a local San Francisco Bay area Biotech start-up.   Previous to that Sanjeev spent 9 years at StemPar in a senior level position as Director of Cancer Biology.   Prior to that he spent 7 years at OncoMed, as a Director or Research leading a multidisciplinary team.   Dr. Satyal completed is post-doc work at Genentech as a Senior Researcher in Cancer Therapeutics during some of Genentech’s earlier years helping Genentech to become the successful large biotech concerns of today.

Sanjeev, is an avid woodworker, making more than the standard bookshelves or bookends but has made furniture of superior quality, similar to his work ethic.   Sanjeev loves exploring food options anywhere he travels and is generally responsible for wine selections at company dinners.

Sanjeev received his Ph.D. from Northwestern, from the WEINBERG COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES at the MCCORMICK SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Graduate Program at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Jaesoon Kim, Rph. MS.
Vice President - Product & Business Development

Mr. Kim, one of the original employees, helped establish the pH Pharma office Seoul.   He hired the first development team members to work on PH-201.     joined pH Pharma in 2016, has more than 20 years’ experience across multiple business areas in the pharmaceutical industry. He is responsible for global business development and the creation of the new Immunology franchise to be co-located in the San Francisco Bay office and Seoul, Korea office.  Jaesoon previously led the PHP-201 Glaucoma development program.  His team was responsible for meeting pH Pharma’s first clinical programs milestones.   The program is now ready to start phase 3.   Currently, Jaesoon leads pH Pharma’s PH-303 program in the USA with potential applications in Liver NASH disease and two important rare diseases. 


Prior to pH Pharma, Mr. Kim was Managing Director, Development Division at  Daewoong Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, he held various positions in strategy and global business development at Hanmi Pharmaceuticals and CJ Corporation. Earlier in his career Jaesoon served as an equity analyst covering the biopharmaceutical sector at MiraeAsset Securities. Mr. Kim started his career at LG Chemicals as a researcher and R&D planning manager in the Pharmaceutical Division.     At LG, he was the the first Product Manager for FACTIVE and the first US FDA approved new drug discovered in Korea.    Jaesoon has been responsible for over 30+ licensing agreements, in generics, fixed dose combination drugs and new molecular entities.


Mr. Kim received his master’s and bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Seoul National University.


Jaesoon is personally living a trans-pacific lifestyle for both business and family.  His son recently started boarding school in San Antonio, TX.  As an avid traveler in general, he hopes for a speedy solution to COVID.

Sang Hoon Paik, Ph.D.
Managing Director - Research & Development
Head of Asia Research Center

Dr. Paik  joined pH Pharma in 2019 and currently serves as Head of Asia Research Center at pH Pharma. He leads a pharmaceutical research group involved in early, innovative research and new drug development. He has been a senior leader for over 25 years working in biopharmaceuticals research and development.  Dr. Paik was the main contributor and inventor of recombinant Factor VIII for the hemophilia treatment in the Rare Disease space.  This was the 3rd generation recombinant Factor VIII  developed and commercialized globally. The product was launched first in Asia.  Dr. Paik is also the main contributor and inventor of recombinant IDS for treatment of Hunter Syndrome (MPS II) which is the world’s second developed and commercialized product, first in Asia.


Earlier in his career, Dr. Paik was Team Leader, Principal Scientist at Green Cross Corporation (GC) Group, Korea’s leading biopharmaceutical conglomerate.  He served as the Head of Process Unit at GC-LabCell, a subsidiary of GC. He gained extensive R&D experiences across the Biopharmaceuticals area.  Dr. Paik, has led and conducted successful research and development, commercialization programs in Bio-therapeutics and has overcome many difficult synthesis and development challenges associated with these programs.  


Dr. Paik received his Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Regulatory Science at Korea University in Seoul.    Dr. Paik spent time at the University of Maryland, Pharmacy School, as a visiting scientist.

Personally, Sang Hoon is an avid golfer, taking advantage of the many golf courses around Seoul.  He loves fine dining, good wine and great company. 

Taekyu Park
Managing Director - Finance & Accounting

Mr. Park is a public account,  with 20 years’ experience in financing areas. Taekyu (TK) Park joined pH Pharma in 2019 and he is responsible for accounting, strategic financing and HR functions. Prior to pH Pharma, he served as CFO in Daewoong pharmaceutical company, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Korea, led a team responsible for accounting, financing and planning. He started his career in PricewaterhouseCoopers as a public accountant and had a broad-based experience in auditing, setting up financial systems, designing group governance structures and implementing those processes.   At PwC and Daewoong, he acquired not only deep knowledge in his expertise areas but also leadership skills to create the values as one team.


TK received his Bachelor of Business & Management Degree from Seoul National University.  


In his free-time TK likes to spend time with family, enjoy fitness and working out, and takes solace in travel adventures and dining experiences. He spends his free-time time watching science fiction movies with his daughter. He likes day hikes and walking at night enjoying the sounds of the local stream by his home.